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XW-G1 Solo Synth Bank2 / The XW-P1 Leads

Some of the 100 Solo Synth tones in the XW-G1 are different than the ones in the XW-P1.  The XW-G1 takes advantage of some its additional sample content to create some drums and other sounds that can be resampled for used in the Step Sequencer.  So while it has some different things, its missing some of the cool standard synth leads sounds that the XW-P1 has to offer.  So here they are.  XW-G1 the P-1 Solo Synth Bank.



XW-P1 HexLayer 10-Pack1 Released

Yet another set of sounds, this time all Hex Layers for the XW-P1.  As you’ll notice a number of these sounds have the initials “CG” in the name.  That is because they were done by Christopher Geissler, one of the sales engineers at Sweetwater Sound.  Some particularly cool vintage organ sounds in this bunch if you’re doing any Doors covers. So think about that the next time you’re going to make a purchase.  Thanks Christopher!

Download XW-P1 HexLayer 10Pack1

New Arturia iMINI iPad App – Support Bob Moog Foundation

The software company Arturia has released an iPad version of the MiniMoog called iMini.  Why mention it here?  A portion of each purchase goes to support the Bob Moog Foundation. So why not give it a try with the only keyboards on the planet that have a place specifically for using an iPad and at the same time support a great organization that helps expose people to synthesizers!


XW-G1 Solo Synth 12-pack 1

Just delivered, 12 Solo Synth Patches for the XW-G1.  It includes all of the sounds from the XW-P1 Solo Synth 6-Pack1 from yesterday plus some other sounds previous unreleased for the XW-G1 like the Vangelis lead.Download the XW-G1 Solo Synth 12-Pack1


XW Sound Week – Today’s Solo Synth 6 Pack

Hot off the press, here are 6 fresh new sounds for the XW-P1.   Tomorrow, we’ll have a 6-Pack for the XW-G1.  Download the XW-P1 Solo Synth 6-Pack1Image