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There is now a site for users to help users.  We’ll continue to do guides and tutorials here but this is likely a better place to get a question answered quickly. Mike Martin from Casio promises to check in on the forum from time to time and a answer some questions too.  Hope to see you over there.


Hey, we’re back!

Sorry for the extended delay from the blog, but we’re back. We are working on a new tutorial on the way next week. Casio’s Mike Martin is filming a demonstration which shows some the advanced capabilities of the XW series.  Combining both an XW-P1 and an XW-G1, Mike will use both step sequencers synchronized while simultaneously using multiple phrase sequencers, the arpeggiator and a gauntlet of custom sounds to perform a cover a trademark 80’s synth theme.  What took tens of thousands of dollars to originally create, Mike has recreated using 2 XW synths. 

 The best part of that is the sounds along with video of Mike showing step by step how he created this entire masterpiece only using the XW synths will be available here.  It’s an early Christmas present.