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XW-P1, XW-G1 Controllable Feedback Loop

The External Input on the XW-series has many possibilities but here is one that perhaps you had not thought of before.  Plugging the output of the XW, into the External Input to create a feedback loop.

A note of CAUTION before we go any further – the following process can create some serious, high level noise.  Please lower your listening levels to a minimum level before proceeding.

First to listen to this experiment, you’ll want to listen to the XW from the Headphone output.  This is what should be connected to your mixer, speakers or of course your headphones.  You’ll want to use a Solo Synth tone with the External Input enabled.  Note that the XW’s instrument and Mic Inputs are always active unless you select a tone with the External Input enabled.  So you’ll get Feedback on ALL TONES if you’re not careful.  If you’d like the Solo Synth tone used in the video, download it here:  http://www.casiomusicforums.com/index.php?/files/file/585-xw-feedback-looper/.

Second Warning: LOWER THE VOLUME.   The Left/MONO output should be connected with a 1/4″ cable to the Mic Input or Instrument Input on the back.  Now when you play this sound and raise the level of the External Input you’re creating a feedback loop.  Slider 5 on the XW-P1 can control the level of the feedback loop.  On the XW-G1 you’ll have to select the 5th Oscillator then use the Level Control.  As an alternative, you could also put an Amp Envelope on the External oscillator so this effect fades in over time or assign another controller such as the modulation wheel to control the level of the feedback.  Have fun and if you come up with some interesting sounds, post links in the comments below to share.

Here is an example:



“One the Run” using the XW-P1

Last week, using Casio’s Privia Pro PX-5S Mike Martin did a simulation of Pink Floyd’s “On the Run”.   This week, Mike recreated the famous sequence on the XW-P1 using the arpeggiator and the solo synth.  This Performance can be downloaded over on the Casio Music Forums, where you can also participate in the discussion. 

XW-P1 HexLayer 10-Pack1 Released

Yet another set of sounds, this time all Hex Layers for the XW-P1.  As you’ll notice a number of these sounds have the initials “CG” in the name.  That is because they were done by Christopher Geissler, one of the sales engineers at Sweetwater Sound.  Some particularly cool vintage organ sounds in this bunch if you’re doing any Doors covers. So think about that the next time you’re going to make a purchase.  Thanks Christopher!

Download XW-P1 HexLayer 10Pack1

XW-G1 Solo Synth 12-pack 1

Just delivered, 12 Solo Synth Patches for the XW-G1.  It includes all of the sounds from the XW-P1 Solo Synth 6-Pack1 from yesterday plus some other sounds previous unreleased for the XW-G1 like the Vangelis lead.Download the XW-G1 Solo Synth 12-Pack1


XW Sound Week – Today’s Solo Synth 6 Pack

Hot off the press, here are 6 fresh new sounds for the XW-P1.   Tomorrow, we’ll have a 6-Pack for the XW-G1.  Download the XW-P1 Solo Synth 6-Pack1Image

Download New XW-P1 Sounds

Looking for some fresh sounds? Want some of those presets that Casio has used in demo videos?  Casio’s Mike Martin has just uploaded a set of Hex Layer and Solo Synth presets for you complete with PDF documentation. Here they are:

Download XW-P1 Soundbank1