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Get to know your Solo Synth – KeyFollow

The XW’s Solo Synth has some incredible depth and one parameter that you need to know and love is KeyFollow.  You’ll find this parameter in every area of the SoloSynth take a moment to understand what it does.

So we’re all starting with something simple go to Solo Synth P:9-9 Basic&Mic IN

  • Press EDIT.
  • Select OSC Block and press ENTER
  • You should now be looking at Syn1 (Synth 1 or Oscillator 1), select OSCILLATOR and press Enter
  • Scroll down to the next page and here you’ll find KeyFollow

To understand what this does, change the KeyFollow from +64 to -64 and play the keyboard.

SURPRISE!  Now you can impress your friends and play the keyboard backwards. Note: Joe Zawinal used to do this when he had two keyboards side by side.  He’d play a solo with his left and right hands doing mirror image runs.   Experiment with different values like +128 then return it to +64.

So you’ll find KeyFollow on other screens such as the Filter or Amp.  In the filter section, a positive value will make the filter open or brighter as you play higher notes.  In the Amp section a positive value would make it louder as you play higher notes.  Using negative values would do the opposite.

KeyFollow is a great parameter, it can allow you to shape your sounds and make them more expressive and dynamic.  Enjoy!