XW-G1 Multi-Funciton Keys Explained

The XW-G1 has another trick up it’s sleeve that is unique.  It is called “Multi Function keys” and it is found in Performance mode.  You may have run across this feature in some of the preset Performances. Image  When you see the checkered box in the zone key range display, this shows that Multi-key is enabled in the top range of the keyboard.  So what is Multi-key all about?

Multi-key allows you to assign events to keys, rather than just notes.  With the XW-G1 this can be a Phrase, tempo change, controller changes, effects change or a switch to an entirely different Step Sequence.    The possibilities here are nearly endless.

From Performance mode press edit and scroll down to find the Multi-key editor.  Here you can choose what function is assigned to each key.  If you use the Mult-function key to trigger a phrase, it can be assigned to any of the 16 MIDI channels, not just zones 1-4.  So check out the factory performances that already use the Multi-function keys and come up with your own applications.Image


One response

  1. David

    You keep explaining more about this wonder, please. Thank you.

    August 20, 2013 at 1:35 pm

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