Workflow – Saving your work

One of the great things about the XW synths is that there are a variety of different ways to work. If you’re not careful however you can make a change that could delete something that you’ve been working on.  So here is what I do, when I sit down on the XW to make some new music.

I almost always start with drums.  So the first thing I do is go to a blank user (untitiled) step sequence. Hopefully you’ve learned by now how to change some sounds and quickly put down some drums  If not, I refer you to:




So assuming you’ve put down a basic groove, now you’re probably (if you haven’t started already) started playing something over the top.  Before you do anything else STOP!   Save your sequence.

Up to the point when you saved, your sequence was living in a temporary buffer. What can inevitably happen is that find a sound that you like, maybe an arpeggio pattern that goes with you sequence.  The only way to save these two things together is in a Performance.  So if you go to a Performance and accidentally change to a different performance you are likely calling up a different step sequence that is linked to that performance.  So if your temporary sequence was not saved, it is now gone.

Take the time, save and name your work.  Now back to making music!


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