Hex Layers – Small Changes, big results

Hex Layers are one of my favorite features of the XW-P1. They offer some amazing capabilities and can create some HUGE sounds. There are 50 Hex Layer presets in the XW-P1 and room for 50 user presets.  Some of my favorite sounds in the XW-P1 started with existing presets that I just made some basic changes to.  Since the XW-P1 offers so much control it is easy to do.

Start with Hex Layer Preset 0:0 XW PolySynth and press the EDIT button.

  • Press Enter again to enter Layer Edit
  • Scroll down until you find the PAN parameter set this later to -64
  • Use the Part+ button to move to Layer2 and set it’s pan position to +64
  • Go to Layer 3 and set Pan to +32
  • Go to Layer 4 and set Pan to -32
  • Set Layer 5 to -12 and Layer6 to +12

When you play the keyboard, this should already have a lot more depth.

Now use Knobs 1-4 to make some other changes.

  • Knob1: Filter
  • Knob2: Layer Detune
  • Knob3: Attack
  • Knob4: Release

You can quickly and easily turn this Polysynth into an amazing and HUGE pad.  When you’re done press the WRITE button and save this new Hex Layer tone.


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